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Swimmers will need to bring their equipment, labeled, to every practice. 

Required Equipment

Googles: Water Gear, Speedo, & TYR, are a few great brands that make simple goggles. If you press firmly on the goggles and they seal and stay on the eye socket, that's a good fit!

Fins: Fins are (usually) ordered based on shoe size. Join the Cedar Park Typhoons Facebook page and swap with other families!

Practice Suit: Any practice suit will do. Swimmers will need a solid black swimsuit for meets. We will have sponsors on hand at our Swim Evaluations to help size your swimmer. (Make sure to try those on before getting wet!)

Kick-board: Any brand, any color, just make sure to avoid "small" sizes, even for small swimmers. 

Practice Cap: Any color. Swimmer will need their name written visible and in permanent marker. *Do not use meet caps.

Water Bottle: Swimming is working out! Hydration is important.

Sunscreen & Towel: Extra is always better.

Swim Bag: Mesh is best, but whatever works!

Optional, but Helpful:

Dry Clothes & Shoes for Dry-Land Workouts 

Snacks, Hat, Mister Bottle, Folding Chairs, Swimmer's Ear Drops

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Typhoons Uniform - A plain, solid black competition suit.

  • TechSuits are not allowed per the NWSC

Typhoons Swim Cap - A team cap is REQUIRED for all meets. There are two types of team caps.

  • Green "Typhoons" Cap: The team cap is not included in the registration fee. However, when you register, it will prompt you to make this necessary purchase. These caps are generally available at the merchandise table during meets. You can also order the cap at the team's online store.
  • Invitational or Record Breaker cap: Throughout the season, swimmers can earn an invitational or record-breaker cap. They may wear these caps as part of their official uniform.


  • EXTRA goggles and at least one EXTRA swim cap.


  • Two towels (don't forget to write names on them).


  • Foldable chairs, blankets, pillows, and quilts for ground coverage.

Water & Snacks

  • Healthy snacks and water to stay hydrated for both you and your swimmer. 

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • Avoid sunscreen on the marked area or it will smear.

$ for Concessions

  • Both home and away meets will have concessions, but having your own stash is a good idea.

Activities - Most swimmers opt for a hand held game, books, card game, crafts, coloring. We encourage swimmers to choose an activity that allows them to stay in the tents. Tent Volunteers are responsible for your swimmer. There are too many swimmers to ask them to track down swimmers every time their event is up. In tent activities ensure your swimmer will not miss their event. Staying in the tents also keep your swimmer out of the sun and as cool as possible.

Heat Sheet - (meet schedule) will be emailed out during the week. Please print our your own copy. The only heat sheet sheets printed during the meet are for the coaches and officials. 

Shade - umbrellas, canopies to set up for a group

Don't Forget -

  • We recommend labeling EVERYTHING with a permanent marker.

Updated 2024

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