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Kelvin Koch Head Coach

Kelvin returns for his second season as Head Coach.

Hello Typhoons! I am looking forward to another fun season. I’ve previously coached High School and USA Swimming club programs for more than 15 years on a full-time basis. During that time, I administered and coached programs that provided opportunities for new swimmers to national championship qualifiers.

While I have been fortunate to train swimmers and coach in some of the best facilities in the country, my favorite coaching moments come from my High School and community-based programs where a wide-range of individual goals can be achieved on the way to making a fun team environment.

As a parent who has had swimmers in this program in the past, it will be fun to help create an environment for kids of all abilities to enjoy coming to practice and achieve their goals.

My daughters (10&12) will be on the team this summer. They also participate in soccer, gymnastics, and other activities. Along with my son and my wife Amy, we enjoy other family activities in the area as well. When the summer team season is over, we will head out for our annual trip to Northern Wisconsin to cool off.

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Garry Tuttle Assistant Lead Coach

Garry is returning for his second season of coaching.

I am excited to be a part of the Cedar Park Typhoon family! I already feel a strong connection to the Typhoons as my grandchildren, Parker and Payton have been with the team since they were 6 & unders.

I too started my swimming career on my own neighborhood swim in Houston and had a blast! It led to swimming my high school years at the “Dads Club”, under “Skip” Kenney (former head coach at Stanford), and with Rob Orr (USC graduate and head coach at Princeton). While at the Dads Club, I was a member of the National Record setting 15-17 boys 800 freestyle relay.

I swam my college years at The University of Texas under Eddie Reese. While there, I was a member of UT’s 1978 NCAA 800 freestyle relay. I also became a National Qualifier in the men’s 100m freestyle and was ranked in the top 50 of the men’s 100m freestyle in 1978.

I graduated from the University of Texas in 1983 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

After graduating, my wife Susan and I moved to Round Rock and I became an Assistant Coach for the Round Rock Dolphins in 1986-87.

We then moved to Anderson Mill and while my children competed with the Barracudas, I participated on the Board. I served 2 years as a Circuit Representative, one year as the Vice-President and 2 years as the President of the Anderson Mill Barracudas. I also became the Head Coach of the Anderson Mill Torpedoes (a group of swimmers from the Barracudas that wanted to continue swimming year around from 2005-2006).

Later I become a South Texas Swimming Official meeting the requirements as a Stroke/Turn Judge while my daughter, Kristen, swam at Nitro during her high school years. During this time I coached various groups at Nitro ranging from the Developmental Team to the Senior Champs from 2008-2010.

I am married to Susan (Early Childhood Teacher) and have two grown children – Bryan (a Physical Therapist) and Kristen (a Diagnostician for the Elgin School District). I have four grandchildren, Parker, Payton, Cooper and Claire.

These past few summers, I have really enjoyed watching my grandchildren and the Typhoon team compete. It is really exciting watching practices, interacting with the swimmers, watching them compete and the friendships that develop. I love seeing the satisfaction of a swimmer winning their heat or improving their time for a personal best. I am looking forward to a GREAT summer season!

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Definitely a “Horse Sized Duck”!When I got the call from a terrorized local village about a “Horse Sized Duck“ destroying their crop fields, I was ready to help. I hid in the crop field waiting for the Duck to get close. I quickly jumped up throwing a handful of dirt at the Duck’s face. While he was temporarily blinded, I rushed him and threw my arms around him in a “Rear Naked Choke Hold”! (For real; look it up). Having squeezed the life out of him, the villagers came running out of their homes and declared me an “Honorary Colonel” of their Special Forces!! For the next couple of weeks, we feasted on Roasted Duck, Peking Duck, Duck Soup, Braised Duck…….

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Felicity Hesters Assistant Coach

Hey Typhoons! I'm super excited to get to come back to coach for another season, and I already know this season we're gonna have a blast! I was a swimmer from age seven, when I started my first season as a Typhoon, until last year when I graduated as the Leander High School Swim Team captain. I competed as a Typhoon as well as at Nitro consistently through those ten years, and as a Leander Lion for my last four years of swimming. 

Balancing three teams gave me a deep appreciation specifically for summer swimming and this team because our parents, board members and coaches have always put 100% effort into making it such a special experience for swimmers, full of upbeat summer fun! 

My favorite stroke is butterfly, and my favorite thing in the world is making swimmers have to swim butterfly. My hobbies include knitting, reading and walking through the park with my dog, because I'm basically a grandma :)

If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would you choose and why?

If I could choose one song to play every time I walk into a room, I would choose 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton because I literally cannot get sick of listening to it.

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Diego Salazar Assistant Coach

Hello Typhoons!  I am Diego Salazar and I’m 19 years old.  I am finishing up my Freshman year at UT Dallas. 

This will be my second year as an assistant coach with the Typhoons. I’ve been swimming ever since I was 5 and now I’m lucky enough to be able to coach again. I love going on drives, watching movies with my friends, and cooking. 

Someone gives you an elephant you can't sell or give away. What do you do with it?

If I’m given an elephant I would probably become friends with it and go around town showing it off.

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Abigail Boyle Assistant Coach

Hey y'all, I'm Abby!! I'm over the moon to be coaching Typhoons this year!! I have been a part of the Typhoons for 7 years. This team taught me to swim and gave me the confidence to swim club for Waterloo swimming as well as for the Cedar Park High School team. I am committed to swim next year for Colorado State University Pueblo and study nursing. I have volunteered coached for the Typhoons for the past few years as well as teach private lessons! 

In my free time I like to spend time with my friends, traveling, going to the lake and watching movies!!

A chicken walks through the door right now wearing a top hat. What does he say, and why is he here?

He would say 'I just crossed the road and these odd people celebrated and gave me a hat.'

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Ashley Nelson Assistant Coach

Hey y’all! My name is Ashley! I’m a 2023 graduating senior from Cedar Park High School and I am so excited to be one of your assistant coaches this summer. I have a little sister (Avery) who is also swimming this year. I swam on the CPHS swim team and played water polo all throughout high school. I have been swimming for a little over ten years and I started swimming on the Typhoons when I was seven years old. I fell in love with swimming because of this team! During the summers I volunteered after my swim practices to help coach a few practices for a couple years. I am also an instructor at a local swim school helping teach young kids the basics of swimming and water safety. 

Some of my favorite things are swimming, playing water polo, making floral arrangements, competing in shot gun competitions, traveling, going to sports events and hanging out with friends and family.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

If I had any superhero power it would be time travel because you can go back in time or go into the future. 

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Private Lessons with Coaches

Coach Felicity - [email protected] - 512.593.9574 

Coach Abby - [email protected] - 512.730.9180 - Abby's Swim School

Coach Ashley - [email protected] - 512.713.5606

Coach Diego - [email protected] - 512.988.4158

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