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Common Questions

Does my child need to know how to swim?

Yes. At the beginning of the season, your child needs to be able to swim 25 meters across the pool without stopping. Your child can use any stroke but may not hang onto the side of the pool, touch the bottom, or hang onto the lane lines. If your child is unable to accomplish this, we recommend lessons. Many good lesson programs exist, including Nitro Swim and the City of Cedar Park Aquatics programs. If you are unsure, come to one of the Swimmer Evaluations days. Coaches will be available to test your kids and determine if they are ready. Bring your swimming suit, goggles, and a towel.

Does my swimmer need to know all of the swimming strokes?

No. Your swimmer only needs to have the stamina to swim 25 meters. We will teach your swimmer all the proper strokes and safe racing dives and flip turns.

Ribbons and Medals:

Ribbons and medals will be placed in the family folders after the meet for pick up at Monday's practice.

  • Mock Meet: The mock meet is for the establishment of base-times. There are no ribbons or medals.
  • Dual or Tri Meets: Ribbons only
  • Divisional Meets: Ribbons, Medals, and Trophies
  • Participation ribbons: The 6&U and the 7/8 age group swimmers will receive a participation ribbon for a meet if they do not win a ribbon for another reason.
  • Time improvement ribbons: When a swimmer receives an official race time faster than their fastest official time (for that event), they will receive a time improvement ribbon. Official times are established during the mock meet and swim meets throughout the regular season. Time improvements are not awarded when a swimmer bests a previous season's time.
  • Heat Winner ribbon: Immediately given to the swimmer who wins their heat as they come out of the pool. There is a parent assigned to hand these out.
  • Place ribbons for individual events: Given to swimmers with the fastest 10 times at regular dual or tri meets
  • Place ribbons for relay events: Given to relay teams who finish in the top 3 at a regular dual or tri meets.
  • Medals for individual events (Divisionals only): The 3 fastest swimmers receive a medal. The remaining swimmers receive ribbons up to 12th place.
  • Medals for relay events (Divisionals only): The 3 fastest relay teams receive medals. The remaining teams receive ribbons up to 8th place.
  • Divisional Trophies: Given to the highest overall point winners in each age group.
  • End Year Banquet: Medals are given to each swimmer. In addition 3 or 4 trophiess are given out to each age group.

Is it mandatory that we volunteer? 

Yes. The Northwest Swim Circuit (NWSC) and the Cedar Park Typhoons are parent run organizations. It would not be possible to run a meet without our parent volunteers. In order for your swimmer(s) to participate in any of the swim meets, it is mandatory that you volunteer for at least one position in either the first or second half of each meet.

When do we need to check-in for each meet?

For Home meets, check-in is at 5:30am for most positions, whether you are working the 1st half or the 2nd half of the meet. (Age Group Tent Parents need to arrive before 5:20am, and Setup Crew needs to arrive by 5:00am, though.) . Times are subject to change depending on the size of teams. Your meet director will email you before each meet with updated time.

For Away meets, the times may vary, depending on the schedule of the host teams. Please watch for emails communicating those times.

What are the volunteer positions?

To see a list of volunteer positions and their descriptions, please see the “Volunteer Duties” document under FAQs on the team website

Is there training?

Yes. There will be training for volunteers at the Mock Meet. Most positions are easy to master and you may always speak with a board member if you have questions. During practices the many experienced Typhoon parents are always happy to answer your questions as well while your kids are swimming.

Do we have to volunteer the entire meet?

Most positions are designated for 1/2 of each meet. However, there are a few positions that require someone who is happy to volunteer the entire meet. These positions include any of the coordinators, tent parents, exchange judges, and concessions manager.

Which half of the meet should we request a position?

If your swimmer is in the 6 & under age group, you will most likely be assigned a position to volunteer for the 1st half of the meet. If your swimmer is in an older age group, you will be assigned a position to volunteer for the 1st or 2nd half of the meet.

Why do the volunteers for the younger age groups get to be assigned a position in the first half of each meet?

Typically, the younger swimmers are finished at half-time or shortly after. Therefore the parents for those age groups will be assigned those positions first. If there are any positions left, the older age group parents may request the open positions.

How do we register for our volunteer position?

Parents will register for their volunteer positions in one of two ways. First, for people who complete the Volunteer Form, our Volunteer Coordinator will try to assign positions based on their areas of interest and age of swimmer. Second, if you are not assigned a position that way, then you will need to contact our Volunteer Coordinator to register for an available position. See the Board Members section for contact information.

How do we know what position we have been assigned?

Once you have been assigned a position, you will receive an email from the Volunteer Coordinator, as well as a paper reminder in your family folder, confirming your position and your dates available. Your position will also be listed in the online “Job Signup” section for each meet.

What if there is bad weather?

Your kids' safety is a primary concern. E-mails will be broadcast to the team as soon as possible if practices or meets are canceled or delayed. Rain alone does not cancel practices or meets. (Your kids are already wet.) Lightning is the most common reason for canceled practice. We will follow the City of Cedar Parks 30-30 rule for lightning. City lifeguards will clear the pool deck if lightning is spotted. Many summer storms are short-lived and unpredictable. Depending on the forecasted storm track and time of day, the Head Coach and ranking board member at the pool will decide on full or partial cancellation of practice.

30-30 Rule for lightning:

We follow the City of Cedar Park lightning saftey rules. When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter. If you can't see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. Wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. 

Where do I mail my registration check?

Cedar Park Typhoons
PO Box 2786
Cedar Park, TX 78630

Please note zip code is NOT 78613

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